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TIME+ logoTIME+ Technical Bulletin - Removal of TCT-2001 TimeClock from Wall-Base.

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Only suitably qualified and authorised personnel should do this task – otherwise warranty and maintenance contract conditions may be violated.

These instructions do not in themselves convey any such authority – if in doubt please arrange for this to be done by an engineer from Clear Systems or one of our authorised agents.

Diagram showing location of (1) Cover Screws, (2) Power Fuse, (3) TimeClock Retaining Screws and (4) Tilt and Lift TimeClock off of Wall Base.

  1. Plan to do the update at a quiet time with regard to clockings and other transactions. Ensure that you have the necessary equipment, resources and time to stop the TimeClock Port, isolate the power (electrician), open the Wall Base cover (crosshead screwdriver), remove the TimeClock and either make the Wall-Base safe - or fit a replacement TimeClock and re-power it & start the TimeClock Port.
  2. Advise employees not to do any clockings on the TimeClock(s).
  3. Stop the TimeClock Port(s).
  4. Power off the TimeClock- ideally at a fused spur outside the Wall Base. If this cannot be located and you are confident to proceed then the Wall Base has a removable mains fuse in a fuse-holder on its Live terminal – the TimeClock must be powered off before proceeding. Open the Wall Base cover by removing the 4 crosshead screws, two at the front and two underneath (diagram inset 1). Don’t touch any components before discharging static by earthing yourself (the TimeClock backplate should be earthed). All connections other than the mains are low volts AC or DC. If you have chosen to proceed without disconnecting the mains power then remove the live terminal's fuse in its holder (diagram inset 2).
  5. The TimeClock can be removed from the Wall Base by releasing the ribbon cable, using the two clips at either end of the socket, and then unscrewing the retaining screws that screw into the bottom of the TimeClock. These are usually finger tight and do not need to be removed completely. Remove the TimeClock by gently pulling its bottom towards you - and once its back is clear of the two lugs on the Wall Base lift it upwards off of the flange at the top of the Wall Base.
  6. Replacement is a reversal of steps 4-5, making sure that the groove in the back of the TimeClock is correctly seated on the Wall Base flange and that the TimeClock is fully home on the Wall Base lugs. Screw the TimeClock retaining screws up into the holes in the bottom of the TimeClock. Re-connect the ribbon cable, when pushed fully home the socket's clips should click back into position. Replace the Wall Bases's Live terminal's mains fuse in its holder. Replace the Wall Base cover - securing it with the 4 crosshead screws.
  7. With the TimeClock display within vision – power-up the TimeClock. Look for the version number and TimeClock number to be displayed.
  8. Once all required TimeClocks on the port have been replaced – start the TimeClock Port.

If you require further information or assistance please contact Clear Systems.