NeedTek UT2000 Time Recorder

£125.00 excl. VAT


Straightforward and reliable 4 column Time Recorder for Weekly or Monthly Clockings, complete with battery for temporary operation in the event of a mains power failure.

  • Large Digital clock face is easy to view and program settings
  • Quartz crystal accuracy and perpetual calendar to assure correct adjustment at end of the month
  • Internal lithium battery to guarantee data memory.
  • Standard IN/OUT 4 columns printing can be selected as auto-shift or manual.
  • With selectable Day Line Change Time to meet specified schedule you require.
  • Auto delivery time card IN/OUT within card slot.
  • Auto-detecting right side of time card programming available.
  • Function of monthly pay or weekly pay ending can be changed at option.
  • Each day of week can be programmed independently within a week.
  • 24 set of colour/music/column to give maximum flexibility for various work schedules.
  • Compact, smart design suitable for office environment or factory usage.


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