TP10 Sideprint Time Recorder

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Superceded by TP20 If reliable information and record-keeping are essential to your business, Seikosha’s TP10 is the ideal choice. It performs three different functions for a single, low-cost investment: time recording for imprinting time cards, time stamping for imprinting documents with date and time, and numbering, for numbering documents sequentially. Regular minute, 1/10, 1/100 or 5/100 of hour, Perpetual calendar, Automatic daylight saving time adjustment, 3 print modes: card-activated automatic print, manual print or automatic and manual, Right or left printing, Numbering: 3 or 6 digits, Print position adjustment (adjustable trigger trip), 3-year memory backup, Copies: original + 4 (n-40, using AC power), Options: NiCd battery for printing during power-failure; red or green ink ribbon cartridges. With free print ribbon worth £15


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